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    The compliance system from DP Software is
     the most comprehensive compliance product
    available.   Compliance issue and incident

      Record and track compliance issues and

      Multi-user system promotes greater

      Compliance committee and board level

   Ongoing retrospective monitoring

    Periodic reporting of all occurances of compliance issues

     Monitor for inconsistencies most commonly discovered
     by hospital audits and their high risk areas of regulation
     Monitoring and sharing the results with other departments
     facilitates discovery and correction of underlying causes
     of potential risk areas.


    The multi-User database contains multiple years of claims
     and reimbursement data
     Intiate and track multiple concurrent audits.
     Extensive selection criteria allows pinpoint accuracy in data

    This software has been used to justify changes to Local
   Coverage Determinations!!!!

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   The Compliance Analyst
   system from DP Software
   will increase the
   effectiveness of
   your compliance program    

   Increase the scope of
   your compliance activities
   without adding more staff.

   Decrease dependence
   on other departments
   for information.
   Decrease the likelihood
   of whistleblower actions.

  Decrease the exposure to
  risk of compliance

  Reduce the impact of
  compliance violations

  Improve cash flow with a
  more effective compliance

  All results in Excel.


CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid)
" An ongoing evalution process is critical to a successful compliance program. The OIG believes that an effective program should incorporate thorough monitoring of its implementation and regular reporting to senior hospital or corporate officers."

Federal Register/Vol.63, No.35

     Identify "issues" prior to RAC

    Perform focused coding audits.  


    The powerful and easy to use
    auditor lets you quickly
    analyze multiple years of
    reimbursement data.   

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